Firefly Virtual 5K / Half Marathon 2016

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Firefly Run is the coolest, most eye dazzling, and illuminating 5K night race. Runners and walkers of all speeds and experience are welcomed. Decorate yourself like a Christmas tree or dress up in mesmerizing costumes and let your creativity flow. Enjoy the post-race after party with live entertainment, refreshments, and amazing visual effects! Come out and support us for a great cause that benefits local charities. Relax and enjoy the spectacular sight of an one-of-a-kind night-time race. It’s time to get your glow on and light up the night like fireflies!


The run can be done anywhere, anytime before June 11.

For 5K’ers, we mail you a package consisting of:

  • 2016 “I Chased the Night & Won” Technical shirt
  • Commemorative Firefly Run bib
  • 3M LED running armband
  • 2016 Finisher’s Medal
  • A bag of snacks / goodies


For Half-Marathoners, we mail you the 5K package plus one additional LED band and a large 3″ glow-in-the-dark Medal.

On the week of the race, submit photos/stories to for other prizes (see below).

  • 5K Early Bird Pricing (First 100) – $27

  • 5K Regular Registration (101-500) – $35

  • 5K Late Registration(501-1000) – $45

  • Half Marathon Bird Worm Pricing (First 100) – $35

  • Half Marathon Regular Registration (101-500) – $45

  • Half Marathon Late Registration(501-1000) – $55

Special awards will be given to participants for 1.) Best costume, 2.) Best venue/course, 3.) Largest Group, 4.) Most Inspirational Story.


Looking to light up your marketing campaign? Becoming a sponsor of the Firefly Run is an incredible opportunity to flip the switch and reach thousands of customers.

To learn about our illuminating marketing opportunities, please email us at

We will get back to you in a flash!

Be sure to e-mail us at if you are requesting to have your packet earlier. We normally ship out on the Tuesday of each week. (e.g. so if you request your packet on Thursday, we will ship the following Tuesday)

Have a question you don’t see here? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about FireFly Run.