What is a Firefly (Ambassador)?

Fireflies help spread the word about the upcoming Firefly Run in your city! Unfortunately we can’t go out and market to every
Firefly Run location. This is where you come in- you have connections and relationships in the community so who better to spread
the Firefly Run in your area than you?! We fire you up with sweet Firefly Run gear, flyers, & give you a unique discount code to share with all the potential Firefly Runners you invite to the event.

Why should I want to be a Firefly Run Ambassador?
In addition to some cool swag you’ll receive as an ambassador, below are additional incentives –

Get 10 people to register and get a free race entry to any of our races

Get 20 people to register and get an entry for you and 2 friends

Get 50 people to register and get a Custom Firefly Duffel bag!

Get 100 people to register and get a $200 gift card to Amazon!

Get 200 People to register and get a $400 gift card to Amazon!

You’re the type of person who tells people about “can’t miss” upcoming events anyways, why not get rewarded for it!!

That all sounds awesome- I’m in! What now?
Email us to confirm your interest in being a Firefly Ambassador and that you’ve read the FYI section at the bottom of this
document. Along with letting us know you’re officially pumped to be a Firefly Run Ambassador please include your mailing address, and t-shirt sizes in that email. We’ll get your Firefly Run gear on it’s way to you and we’ll send you your unique discount code to start sharing. We can also send you flyers with the event info and your unique discount code to pass out.

Who should I tell about the Firefly Run?
– Friends
– Coworkers or classmates
– Family
– Run Clubs
– Volunteer organizations
– Churches
– Gyms

How should I get the word out?

Word of Mouth
Invite the people you talk to every day! Simply tell them about the upcoming Firefly Run and hand out the flyers we send
you with your personal discount code. If you’re a member at a gym or running club they may allow you to post a flyer or be
included in their email newsletters if you ask.

Social media*

You check your Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram a bajillion times a day and so do your friends- this is a great way to
let people know about the Firefly Run! Plus, they’re already on their computers so they can just copy and paste your discount code and register right then and there.

Are you a blogger? Write up a blog post about the Firefly Run (we can send you more pictures) and share your discount
code with your blog readers.


*Please don’t post your discount code anywhere on Firefly Run’s Facebook or Instagram (timeline, comments, pictures, event
page, etc.)- that’s not telling your friends about the event, it’s giving a discount code to people who already know about it!

Feel free to share the discount code on YOUR Facebook and Instagram, just not ours! Discount codes posted by Ambassadors on our
social accounts will be deleted, invalidated, and the Ambassador disqualified from winning any prizes.

*You hate spam, don’t you? Everyone else hates spam too! So please don’t spam people about Firefly Run. If we get complaints
about an Ambassador spamming, we’ll make an effort to get in contact with you first but your discount code may be invalidated and you may be disqualified from winning any prizes.

Have questions or a great idea to help Firefly Run reach even more people? Feel free to reach out to to us and we’ll be more than happy to help you in any way we can! Send us an email at